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  REED Model School
Ichangu-6, Swoyambhu, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4890499, 4890465
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E-mail: info@reedmodelschool.com
"Academic excellence through innovative practices."
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Message from Executive Director

Education is an irreplaceable and incommensurable asset which functions as an illuminating indicator of advancement, furtherance and accomplishment. Similarly, it is also...
Gopal Ghimire
Message from Principal

More than two years ago,many well-wishers and sentient parents made an educational delegation to establish a school....
Khim Lal Paudyal

With A Glance
It is a matter of insurmountable attempt to torch ‘the best’ amidst the congregation of schools to the avant-grade, ardent and tenacious students who have dreamt at combating the growing challenges and being endowed with technical skills in them. In target to such ecstatic and avid students, an explicit odyssey and REED can be facilitator to split dubiousness, mystification, dilemma and innumerable hurdles for accomplishing the ambition and luxuriate at the zenith.

REED (i.e. Research in Educational Development) Model School is the natural outcome of institutional expansion of education system, promoted by highly experienced, distinguished dynamic, professional and versatile teachers’ group united from acclaimed school of Katmandu valley. Obviously, REED is a co-educational academic career building and professional education providing institution. REED Model School is now a secondary school, a new set up of Shree Moral English Boarding School established in 1998 (2054 B.S.) at Ichangu, Swoyambhu, Katmandu. As mentioned earlier, it is newly established institution by a team of veteran educationalist and experts, and trudging to get unchallenged reputation. Therefore, it is well-acquainted with the students’ expectations and emerging desideratums.

REED is committed to harness capable students who are morally and spiritually responsible for the society as well as the nation and globally competent, keeping its motto ‘Academic excellence through innovative practices ‘ in mind .The school (i.e. REED) is dedicated to maintain an educative environment with the help of out eminence faculty entailed accountable compos -mentis and moral scrupulousness. In a nutshell, the school aims at empowering the students with outstanding education, clairvoyant vision and new age competence. Unquestionably, the students at REED are well- disciplined; hospitable, courteous, conglomerative, sagacious, answerable and unflinching enough to confront with the challenges and predicaments appeared in their real life situation. It is proud of creating a profoundly congenial and homely environment so as to gear up and strengthen students’ maximum potentialities.

Additionally, REED has qualified, adept team of instructors, intellectuals and social workers who have been perpetually supervising and guiding to propound it a premier institution since its inception. Undoubtedly, the perpetual guidelines from such personalities can make pedagogy and other activities up-to-date which surely assist to exhume students’ inherent natural skills.
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